Production review

G’day bloggers and welcome to the blog post of the century. The incredible post of the year five production, hanging onto the bottom of the world. I’m Leo. The year 5s in my school set out to learn a production, it was called Hanging Onto the Bottom of the World. The production is about Australia’s […]

The Boy and the Spy

Hi there bloggers, Have you ever read the action pact book called the Boy and the Spy by Felice Arena? This book is an amazing book that has a genre of historical fiction. But, this book has immense action in it as well. The book is base on when Sicily got bombed in WW2. A […]

Christmas tradtion

G’day bloggers, Christmas. A wonderful time of the year for many. When some count down with advent Calendars, the main day (25th of December) is celebrated the most.  On the 24th, usually midnight, a silver bearded friend called Santa comes down your chimney and gives you presents. How did this tradition all start? Dutch in […]

Camp Toonalook

15th of October 2019 grade 5B had there first year going to Toonalook. Toonalook was enjoyed by 5B very much, especially the king ball courts. Expo and the shoe games were also some of 5B’s favourite things on camp. Toona challenge and Gaga ball amazed 5B by how fun they were.  On the way to […]

Teaching Fun Fractions

G’day folks! I have been learning a couple new things in maths to do with fractions. Here’s a video I put together teaching you a few things I learned. Enjoy     Did you learn something new?

Sphero’s and Maps

The past couple of weeks, we have been making a diorama! We have also been coding spheres (robots) to make it go around the diorama. The second videos is about mapping (which we also worked on in maths). Enjoy! Have you ever coded a sphero? Leo

Mapping fun

Hi people, In class, maths, we have been doing mapping. This map is of our diorama on sovereign hill. In a map you usually need a key, compass and a grid reference. This is my map! Can you find the school on my map? Leo

A review on the CBCA short listed books

Hi there everyone,  In library lately we had to Judge the shortlisted, information category for the CBCA book competition.  Well when I mean judge I mean giving our view on the books. Information books are good when they include description on the thing they’re trying to give us information on. Without the description you wouldn’t […]