Convict fun

Meet me, the convict. Hi everyone, Yesterday we had convict day! On convict day we got to dress up as convicts and do heaps of fun activities. Something I really enjoyed was the drama with Mrs Burns. We had to do a game called freeze, which was when a group of 4 or 3 froze […]

Science is everything

Hands-on science. “Shaky, shaky, shake, shake, shake.” Oh, my turns over for shaking the chalk. The other day Alex from “Hand on Science” came to teach us about how the landscape changes throughout the years. We got to do a lot of fun experiments too. My favourite experiment was when we put sand a chalk […]

Nativity in action

Christmas fun 3, 2, 1, action (scrub scrub scrub) “Why did I have to do the washing on this day?” “Mary said. You see Mary…” 4L was taking part in performing the all important, drum roll please, nativity play! Woohoo, that, was, the, best! To be able to preform it well, as you would expect, […]

My Avater

Me in a digital way Hey out there bloggers! I suggest if you read this you should look at my avatar. I made my avatar so it represents me in the online world. My avatar looks a bit like me but not to much like me. I have dark brown hair, brownish eyes and reasonably […]